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  Historic European armour recreated and restored. 17th century armour and works in miniature a speciality

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“First class work in miniature… Wonderful!”

Nicholas McCullough, Christies London

“Knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm…
Thank you, I am in your debt”

Martin F. Marix Evans, Naseby Battlefield Project


"Handmade armor for a goddess"
Kate Upton instagram photo link

I am proud to have made armour for both Athena (Kate Upton) and the Gorget for Athena’s Woman at Arms, for ‘Game of War’ Super Bowl commercial. Working with designer Susie Coulthard, all armour was made in steel and embossed Mythological figures were gilded with 23 carat gold.

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“I never expected the helmet to look so original… It could have been made in 1645 and then bubble-wrapped until 2006, I can’t tell you how impressed I am!”

Matt Perry, Private Collector

“Fantastic, thank you for all your hard work. I was so pleased and overawed it took a while until I could speak!”

Allan Webster, Private collector

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