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  Historic European armour recreated and restored. 17th century armour and works in miniature a speciality

Customer Testimonials

“First class work in miniature… Wonderful!”

Nicholas McCullough, Christies London


“A fine study in miniature with beautiful detail. Surely a must have for every collector!”

David Williams, Bonhams London


“Thank you again for all of your efforts on our behalf. The armour looks fantastic in the exhibition…
I am sure you will agree, it was all worth it!”

Diana Morley, Imperial War Museum London


This is truly remarkable, the detail and skill to create something so intricate and small is astounding!”

Andrew Norman, Rockingham Castle


“Nigel Carren is one of the finest armourers working in the UK. Creating authentic armour and miniatures”

Grant Pearmain,


“Knowledge, professionalism and enthusiasm… Thank you, I am in your debt”

Martin F. Marix Evans, Naseby Battlefield Project


“I never expected the helmet to look so original… It could have been made in 1645 and then bubble-wrapped until 2006, I can’t tell you how impressed I am!”

Matt Perry, Private Collector


“The nasal bar arrived today and it looks fantastic! The patina and age match the helmet perfectly and the fit is just right. Thank you for making my lobster tail helmet look complete again”

Gary Shepard, Private Collector


“The miniature armour is fantastic. Your pictures don’t do them any justice…
you need to photograph them with something to show the scale more… Because they just look full size!”

Nigel Simcock, Private Collector


“Nice work, nice restoration. It’s a lovely helmet now that it is complete”

David Blackmore, formerly The Royal Armouries


I nearly fell over backwards when I opened the box. An absolutely stunning restoration! You’ve done a really excellent job Nigel and I am really thrilled with the final result. The photos you sent me just don’t do it justice. It really is a beautiful helmet now that it is complete. Merci mille fois!”

Colin Fox, Private Collector


“The fluted helmet was worth the wait and I love it’s black/grey/yellow colouring. I have six helmets now and this one is my favourite”

Bjorn Reese, Private Collector


“I am delighted with the finished result. The helmet arrived today and I have had a super time looking at it and trying it on. It has lost that sense of fragility and emanates a real sense of power. You really are a master craftsman”.

Kerry Sullivan, Private Collector


“There are not many things that make me feel like a schoolboy again, but seeing my armour for the first time really is one”

R.W, Private Collector


“The sword arrived today, and we are both totally delighted with the restoration… Beautiful, beautiful work… but which part is the original again?”

K.S, Private Collector


“Fantastic, thank you for all your hard work. I was so pleased and overawed it took a while until I could speak!”

Allan Webster, Private collector


“Well, what can I say but stunning… absolutely stunning. The attention to detail is breathtaking, and yes the visors are certainly special. I’m glad to have them in my collection”

Tony Mura, Private Collector


“Astonishing!!! Masterful work!!!”

Rick Salonga, Private Collector


“Amazing work, I can see you put your heart into it”

Patrk Sokolwizh, Private Collector



Zachary Hammond, Private Collector


“We are absolutely thrilled with the helmet and the backplate restoration”

Martin F. Marix Evans, The Naseby Battlefield Trust


“Your work bests the originals in both detail and workmanship. It is like I have a clone of an original helmet… I wouldn’t change a single detail”

R.M.W, Private Collector


“I am gobsmacked!”

T.M, Private Collector


The miniature Tonlet armours are fantastic! I don’t see how you are able to create such small versions of complex armour”

G.S, Private Collector


“You are truly a craftsman and artist. I know of no modellers who can produce WORKING medieval armour in such exacting detail”

Tim Jennings, Epilog Studios


“WOW… the armour is incredible, and a work of art”

Terry Baker, Private Collector


“Beautiful Hussar armour, truly beautiful work”

Eryk Jadaszewski, Dealer


“Thank you again for letting me watch you work. I would just like to say again how pleased I am with the helmet. The quality is superlative and there is no doubt that I made the right choice in asking you to make it for me… I am very much looking forward to showing it off on Saturday”

Mick Moore, Sealed Knot member


“Thank you for returning my miniature armour to its full glory! It really does look fantastic and has pride of place in our living room here in South Africa! I can’t believe how good it looks. I don’t remember ever seeing it like that. You did a great job. It will now hopefully last a few more generations”

Anna Dalrymple,  Private Collector


“I am blown away by the horse armour… it was a pleasure to pay”

T.M, Private Collector


“Oh my oh my… am I going to brag about your work… You are awesome, thank you so much!”

The Hussars, NYC Pulaski Day Parade


“I shall not be around when the Neo-Middle-Age (no fuels) shall occur, but your armour shall, so be sure to mark it clear and deep!”

Atilio Louis Ferreri, Re-enactor


“My client said the work was more detailed than he had ever imagined. You have a very satisfied customer who will be back”

Kaoru Carrie, Dealer


“We wanted it doing properly, that’s why we came to you!”

Richard, FB-FX Ltd


“This is a wonderful piece of art, and I am sure a piece of history”

EB, Private Collector


“Put simply, I am in awe of the masterpieces you have created!”

L.A, Dealer



“This is a superb fluted helmet… Thank you”

Dennis Strawderman, Captain/Muster Master-Virginia Militia of the 17th Century


“This is a superb, first rate display piece that will stand head and shoulders above the competition. This will hold its value and as your reputation increases so will the value of my investment!  Thank you”

Christopher Roy-Toole, Private Collector

“Nigel Carren is a Master Armourer (master spelled with a capital M), his attention to detail and willingness to listen to his customer no matter how annoying is without a doubt a key element to his skill and success. When The Imperial War Museum London asked to display this armour for a year… how could I say no, it was my small way of telling Nigel he had done a magnificent job”

Major Andrzej B.Gawlik, US Marines


“Nigel Nigel Nigel, the detail and the quality of that detail is exceptional!”

Jozef Winter, Collector


“You are truly a great artist… Thank you”

Shannon Cornelius, Dealer


“I wanted it perfect… I completely trusted your judgement… and I got it perfect”

B.C, Dealer


“I thought it would be an excellent piece and I was right. What more needs to be said? It was well worth the wait. You would think it had sat there since the 1640’s. It is now one of the best decorative pieces in the house…I can’t wait to commission you again”

Christopher Roy-Toole, Private Collector

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