Nigel Carren Reproduction Armour

  Historic European armour recreated and restored. 17th century armour and works in miniature a speciality

A 001 16th Century Italian Pisan Close Helmet before restoration.

Thought to have been made for a boy, this Italian ‘Pisan’ 16th Century Close Helmet came to me minus the Ventail and the lower half of the upper visor and with many corrosion holes throughout. Showing signs of many old repairs the helmet had also been slightly crushed resulting in a ‘twisted’ skull and owing to the loss of all lame corners by corrosion, all lames had been hard-riveted to each other and excessively overlapped preventing any movement. No doubt this was repaired when the helmet served a purely decorative purpose. Luckily one original brass rosette remained which I was able to copy using 19th century brass. The scalloping on the Gorget lames could suggest that this helmet was once part of an ‘Anime’ armour.

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Nigel Carren Reproduction Armour

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