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  Historic European armour recreated and restored. 17th century armour and works in miniature a speciality

Miniature Armour

spacer Z 006 Tonlet fighting pair showing different visors and Ash hafted weapons courtesy of Christies London
spacer Z 004 Nigel Carren Tonlet Fighting pair courtesy of Christies London
spacer Z 003 Fully articulated fighting pair of miniature Tonlet armours, each comprised of 71 separately forged steel parts
spacer Z 002 Fully articulated fighting pair of miniature Tonlet armours with different helmets and one piece skulls
spacer Z 001 Fully articulated fighting pair of miniature Tonlet armours courtesy of Christies London
spacer V 002 Early Nigel Carren miniature Greenwich armour shown in optional safe case
spacer V 001 Early Nigel Carren miniature Greenwich armour with Ash hafted polearm
spacer G 003 Miniature Greenwich style Armour for field and tournament complete with codpiece or Brayette
spacer G 002 Miniature 16th century Greenwich style Armour for field and tournament showing four piece Cuirass and deep Greaves
spacer G 001 Miniature eary 16th century blackened Greenwich style Armour for field and tournament
spacer F 002 Nigel Carren one sixth steel Cuirass complete with all straps and buckles. Made for fabulous Tony Barton miniature
spacer F 001 Nigel Carren one sixth steel Cuirass made for fabulous Tony Barton miniature
spacer E 004 One sixth scale English Civil War armour complete with working locks and buckles
spacer E 003 Miniature one sixth English Civil War armour made from patterns taken from period pieces
spacer E 002 One sixth scale three bar pot helmet with one-piece skull. Tony Barton made the fabulous head
spacer E 001 Miniature one sixth English Civil War armour complete with Ash hafted Polearm
spacer D 005 Miniature horse armour showing Crupper and flared Crupper plates
spacer D 004 Miniature horse armour embossed Cantle plate and Crupper
spacer D 003 Miniature horse armour leather straps and buckles. These three are for under the neck to hold the Crinet
spacer D 002 Miniature horse armour on bronze horse complete with leather straps, working buckles and chainmail
spacer D 001 Fully articulated miniature horse armour with bronze horse standing on an English Oak plinth
spacer C 015 Miniature two-handed sword with twisted gold wire handle
spacer C 012 Miniature leg armour with narrow Solerettes instead of Sabatons for fitting inside stirrups
spacer C 010 Shown with the Greave open. This picture shows the six pieces  needed to offer perfect knee articulation
spacer C 009 Miniature Greenwich armour leg articulation test
spacer C 008 This miniature Polish Winged-Hussar helmet was made approximately half size to compliment a similar boys armour
spacer C 005 All miniature armours come with a weapon. Typically an Ash hafted pole-arm
spacer C 004 Any type of helmet from any era can be recreated in miniature
spacer C 002 Surely the worlds smallest working steel Armet. One-piece hand-forged skull and wrapper
spacer C 001 Miniature Grand Bascinet with one-piece hand-forged skull and working buckles
spacer B 004 Nigel Carren modelling two miniature suits of armour destined for clients in Tokyo
spacer B 003 Just like period armour of this type each miniature tonlet armour has a hand-forged one-piece skull
spacer B 002 Each Tonlet armour is fully articulated and comes complete with ash hafted weapon
spacer B 001 Each miniature armour stands at just over ten inches in height so is approximately one sixth scale
spacer A 006 Fully articulated miniature horse armour showing Crupper and Cantle detail
spacer A 005 Fully articulated miniature horse armour and knight on hand carved Limewood horse standing on English Oak base
spacer A 004 Fully articulated miniature horse armour showing Besagues and poleaxe
spacer A 003 Fully articulated miniature horse armour showing Shaffron and Rondel
spacer A 002 Fully articulated miniature horse armour and knight complete with deerskin saddle and chainmail
spacer A 001 Fully articulated miniature horse armour and knight on hand-carved limewood horse with Poleaxe and Bascinet

My miniature armour is made in exactly the same way as the full size armour of the period, i.e., completely hand forged, both hot and cold, from flat steel using many iron anvil stakes, Bichorns, hammers, files, punches and hollowed tree stumps. The making and assembly of my miniatures do not incorporate any modern pressed or moulded parts whatsoever, and each miniature remains absolutely weld free.

I have am so meticulous in the construction of this armour, even the helmet skulls are raised from one piece, not constructed of two halves as modern imported reproductions often are. Each shoulder harness also incorporates the typical six moving plates (depending on the particular armour of course). This offers full rotation from waist to overhead. This is often more articulation than some of the wearable reproduction armour I regularly see for sale.

As you will see from the internal pic, even when certain lames can’t be seen when the armour is standing, such as Pauldron, Couter and Poleyn lames, the correct articulation is still in place. The detail photograph, shows the correct four lame Poleyn articulation in place, each lame with the perfect orbit, and gliding perfectly from standing to squat position. The same photograph shows the rear Greave plate being tried for size, this notoriously difficult to shape plate is very rarely seen on reproduction armour, presumably because the armour is designed to stand flat against a wall and not invite close inspection.

My miniature armour is made from many different gauges of steel, predominantly 0.8mm as a starting sheet gauge throughout, but as with the Solerettes, Sabatons & Gauntlets, often 0.6mm &  0.4mm steel is used for the smaller more intricately articulated pieces. Each miniature is typically composed of over 60 separately forged steel plates, and over 140 hand-made iron and brass rivets. Once I am satisfied that each plate is the correct shape, and it works perfectly with its neighbouring plate, each riveted piece is then heated and slack-quenched to provide uniform hardness and temper, which ultimately rsitemss in a superior and fluid articulation, requiring no force at all.

Each piece articulates perfectly with its own weight alone, just like full size armour of the period did the day it was made.

Each of my fully articulated miniatures typically weigh 300 to 400 grams without the stand, base or weapon. Each miniature typically stands approximately 10 ½”  tall in its own right i.e, not including the stand, which makes them approximately 1/6th scale. Why 1/6th scale? Simply because this is the smallest I can make them with working articulation, but I am happy to make them to any scale at all, all you have to do is ask.

Each armour comes numbered and marked, and comes complete with steel stand and oak base. When not on display or when in transit, each of my standard scale 1/6th miniatures armour can be undressed and packed safely in its own Baize lined wooden case, this is included with each armour. A perfect gift for the collector who thought he had everything.

I have a very extensive reference library here, so finding a picture or painting of the best example of what you have in mind won’t be a difficult.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or requests at all, whether it be for full size armour for wear or display, a study in miniature, a single helmet, or all the kings men, I welcome any challenge or restoration. Just click on my contact page, and I will do the rest.

Click here for my contact page

Thank you for your interest, I look forward to our talking in the future.
Nigel Carren

“This is truly remarkable, the detail and skill to create something so intricate and small is astounding… Well done you!”
Andrew Norman,   Rockingham Castle

“You are the most excellent artist with profound knowledge and skills, I am so excited to have found you”.
Tazio Kimura,  Private collector

“To call Nigel’s work reproduction armour would be accurate, but would miss the point however. His pieces are truly works of art, and Nigel’s encyclopaedic knowledge of his craft is manifest in his work”.
Jeremy Wilton, The Four Shires Magazine

“We think this commission will be an investment”.
Bob & Gloria Long ,    Private collectors

Anything at all can be recreated, it’s all quite simply down to time, and therefore ultimately your budget. All I need are a few clues re; period, style and finish and whether the piece is for wear or display, and I will happily do the rest, and trawl through my extensive library and provide images of exactly what it is I think you are aiming for, and as the famous quote by King Maximillian I to his armourer (below) clearly illustrates, I am at your disposal.

“Arm me according to my own wishes, for it is I not you who will take part in the tournament!”
King Maximillian I  to court armourer Conrad Seusenhofer 1504

My method statement is best illustrated by a quote by the greatest writer on the subject:

“For the study of ancient armour to be successfully pursued, it is of primary importance that a careful examination be made of every existing specimen within our reach… Every rivet-hole and rivet in a piece must be studied, and its use and object thought out”.
Charles Ffoulkes  1909

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